Saturday, January 10, 2015

Comparison Shopping for Propagation Information

Hello all,
On the eve of the ARRL 10-Meter Contest, I thought I would see what system would better report what was going on the bands in real-time.

Since I got my tower up last weekend I thought I would compare what system was doing a better analysis to what was open on 10-Meters today.

Here are my results this morning running 2 different real-time reporting applications on 10-Meters.

Yaesu FT747-GX into a 3 Element Yagi @ 30 feet pointed East
Excellent coverage in North America and 2 Europeans
At 24 Hours
Radio Shack HTX-10 into a WB4BUM Hamstick mobile vertical attached to the house mounting bracket of my tower.
Excellent coverage in North America, 1 Europe, 2 Africa and a few Latin America.
At 24 Hours

I will let you be the judge.
The Winner Is? 

Art KA5DWI/7

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