Thursday, July 12, 2018

FMBC Es for 2018

It was a good Es Season on the FM Broadcast Band.
Just no 2 Meter Es.  I think there has been some opportunities, just wrong direction.
Here is the list for the Spring/Summer. Almost 30 more captures than last year.

I plan to post some statistics from both seasons (2017 & 2018) soon.

Es 6/04/18 UTC (-7 hours MST) from east of Prescott AZ DM34
93.3 KKSP AR Bryant 1021mi 01:58 RDS - The Fish
93.1 KGCX MT Sidney 1014mi 17:34 ID - Eagle 93
92.1 KZRX ND Dickinson 988mi 17:39 ID - Z92
93.7 KIZZ ND Minot 1086mi 17:41 Local Commercial
93.3 KMXV MO Kansas City 1027mi 17:53 ID - Mix 93.3
93.7 KTUF MO Kirksville 1148mi 18:03 ID - K Tough
93.7 KYEZ KS Salina 864mi 18:06 ID - Y93.7
97.1 KELN NE N.Platte 791mi 18:16 ID - Mix97.1
88.9 KRNW MO Chillicothe 1087mi 18:33 ID via WX Report
all received with a $17 RTL-SDR, HD8200XL log-periodic & SDR# software.

Es 6/07 UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.7 KVCK MT Wolf Point 1000mi 14:30 ID-RDS
92.1 CHMX SK Regina 1170mi 14:38 Local Commercial Ad
93.3 KIOA IA Des Moines 1129mi 14:42 ID-RDS
92.9 KATF IA Dubuque 1287mi 14:55 ID- Kat FM
98.1 KHAK IA Cedar Rapids 1226mi 15:18 ID-RDS
92.1 KORN SD Parkston 989mi 15:40 ID-RDS

Es 6/17 UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.1 XHPMAZ SIN Mazatlan 859mi 23:54 RDS La Caliente PiCode:9210

Es 6/19 UTC (-7 Hours MST)
91.9 KDSU ND Fargo 1162mi 00:54 North Dakota Public Radio
92.7 KGFX SD Pierre 924mi 00:59 ID at TOH
91.5 CKLQ MB Brandon 1214mi 01:40 ID Q-Country PiCode:CD3F
92.1 KZRX ND Dickinson 988mi 01:47 Local commercial, Slogan Z92 Relog
94.1 CFGW SK Yorkton 1250mi 01:57 ID Fox FM PiCode:C1BA
97.1 KYYX ND Minot 1088mi 02:08 ID Kyyx (Kicks) FM
96.3 CFWD SK Saskatoon 1253mi 02:16 Talk about city, Slogan Cruz-FMCKFI
97.1 CKFI SK Swift Current 1107mi 02:20 RDS Magic 97.1 PiCode:CC94
100.3 CJVR SK Dafoe 1245mi 02:27 RDS ID PiCode:CB8E
101.5 CHQX SK Price Albert 1316mi 02:35 RDS ID X-FM Sask's Rockstation PiCode:C58B

Es 6/19 Morning & Afternoon  Times UTC (-7 Hours MST)
I was copying the FT8 mail on 6-Meters all morning. It suddenly died out. I turned on SDRSharp.
I was doing some work on the computer when I looked up and saw the waterfall lit up.
6 Meters was still for the most part, quiet. SO here goes...
92.3 WHHG TN Milan 1324mi 14:50 ID, The Hog PiCode:67E0
93.1 KZLE AR Batesville 1160mi 14:54 ID
93.1 WTJS TN Alamo 1309mi 14:56 ID, Talk of Jackson (TN)
96.5 KSPW MO Sparta 1074mi 15:10 RDS Power 96.5 PiCode:4124
98.7 KWTO MO Springfield 1073mi 15:16 Sports "The Jock"
99.7 KBTN MO Neosho 1009mi 15:40 ID No music all Yak.
99.3 KTPG AR Paragould 1222mi 15:50 Commercials, Jill Radio
100.5 KEGI AR Trumann 1219mi 15:56 RDS, ID, The Eagle PiCode:1B34
Honey Do Time
100.5 KVWF KS Augusta 869mi 16:00-:45 RDS PiCode:49B5
106.3 KRZK MO Branson 1080mi 17:11 ID Country
93.5 KMYK MO Osage 1119mi 17:53 ID, 93.5 Rocks
102.5 KKDY MO West Plains 1150mi 18:00 ID TOH, RDS PiCode:2ACE
Hospital run
104.5 KMYZ OK Pryor 940mi 19:04 RDS The Edge PiCode:3239
106.5 KKIK AR Horseshoe Bend 1148mi 19:11 ID Outlaw 106.5
105.9 KGBX MO Nixa 1083mi 19:18 RDS PiCode:2009
106.3 WQRL IL Benton 1330mi 19:38 ID Local Commercials
106.9 KTXY MO Jefferson City 1129mi 19:42 ID PiCode:449A
107.3 WDDD IL Johnston City 1316mi 19:50 ID as W3D PiCode:5CE5
107.3 KLPW MO Steelville 1177mi 19:51 RDS ESPN Sports PiCode:2EA8
107.9 KCLQ MO Lebanon 1119mi 19:57 ID now.. Renegade Radio
Heard what I beieve may have been "Alabama. A reference to a TV station WAKA.
Had to leave
Hospital run #2. In the car. 2013 GM Terrain
92.7 KRZP AR Gassville 1121mi 20:19 RDS K92.7
91.7 KCVX MO Salem 1172mi 20:19 RDS Spirit FM

Es 6/20 Morning and Afternoon Times UTC (-7 Hours MST)
Southern flair this morning, then a little more north this afternoon.
90.1 XHRYS TAMPS Reynosa 1014mi 18:11 RDS Hits FM PiCode:9001 Note:FCC DB shows 2430W
92.1 XHPMAZ SIN Mazatlan 859mi 18:17 RDS La Caliente PiCode:9210 Relog
93.3 XHEDT MEX Toluca 1330mi 18:30 RDS Grupo Siete PiCode:9310 ID by Website station listings.
94.5 KFRQ TX Harlingen 1036mi 18:39 ID, Local commercials. Talk about rain.
94.9 XHTEC NL Monterrey 940mi 18:48 RDS FREC-TEC Telephono PiCode:3712 Talk
96.5 XHMSN NL Cadereyta 968mi 18:54 RDS Dominio FM Talk PiCode:997B
92.1 KRLS IA Knoxville 1146mi 21:00 RDS PiCode:3E14 News/Weather
93.7 KNTK NE Firth (Lincoln) 950mi 21:06 Chicago Cubs Baseball
95.7 KQWC IA Webster City 1134mi 21:14 RDS PiCode:327E ID

Es 6/21 Afternoon Times UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.7 WBKL LA Clinton 1255mi 20:55 RDS PiCode:585B K-Love
92.7 KIVY TX Crockett 998mi 21:10 RDS PiCode:275A Country
89.7 WPAE MS Centreville 1251mi 21:22 RDS PiCode:7C48 ID Phone# Gospel (Note: Called them to let know they were heard in AZ) In for a long time.
90.7 KLSA LA Alexandria 1157mi 21:30 RDS PiCode:2EE0 NPR
93.1 KTYL TX Tyler 1009mi 21:44 ID Mix 93.1
89.9 WWNO LA New Orleans 1335mi 21:59 ID New Orleans Public Radio
88.3 KJRN TX Keene 871mi 22:07 RDS PiCode:298B 88.3 The Journey
92.7 KJVC LA Mansfield 1082mi 22:13 PiCode:29E8 In and Out

Es 6/22 Late Morning Times UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.3 KGON OR Portland 933mi 17:59 RDS PiCode:2151 ID
93.7 KRLZ OR Waldport 934mi 18:16 RDS PiCode:3E1B Now "The Wave 93.7" Mention of Lincoln City and website.
92.7 KNCU OR Newport 941mi 18:23 ID U-92
Note: Probably most of the reflection was into the Pacific Ocean. The last 2 captures are on the Pacific Coast.

Es 7/08 Early evening 7/07 UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.1 KCRK WA Colville 1010mi 00:27 PiCode:170C ID "Awesome"
93.7 KDRK WA Spokane 931mi 00:33 ID "93.7 the Mountain"

Es 7/10 Late Afternoon before the dinner bell. UTC (-7 Hours MST)
93.7 WTNM MS Courtland 1267mi 23:08 PiCode:8832 RDS Slogan "Supertalk MS (Mississippi)
93.3 WSYE MS Houston (Tupelo) 1334mi 23:13 Local Commercials, "Sunny 93-3"
92.1 KDQN AR De Queen 1023mi 23:20 ID Local Commercials
93.7 KHBM AR Monticello 1173mi 23:24 Slogan Southeast Arkansas, SeeArks Choice Classic Rock

Es 7/12 Morning Times UTC (-7 Hours MST)
89.3 XHRRR VER Papantla de Olarte 1335mi 15:32 Reference to Huasteca, commercials Vericruz
91.5 XHMLS ZAC Zacatecas 1002mi 15:41 Classic Hits (English)
91.3 XHMLS TMP Matamoros 1066mi 15:45 PiCode RDS "Exitos 91.3" ALso heard in car @ 16:25
91.9 XHEC COH Sabinas 802mi 15:47 PiCode RDS "La Mas Buena"
97.7 XHRW TMP Tampico 1218mi 15:54  PiCode RDS "Los 40 Principales"
99.3 XHNK TMP Nuevo Laredo 900mi 15:59 RDS ID Spanish Hits
100.3 KTEX TX Mercedes (McAllen) 1037mi 16:13 PiCode RDS and ID "K-TEX" Also, still heard @ 17:22
104.1 KBFM TX Edinburg 1037mi 17:27 PiCode RDS "Wild 104"
100.9 KSXY CA Forestville 653mi 17:41 PiCode noted RDS "The 101 Alternative" Note: Shortest capture in 2 years
In car:
90.1 XHRYS TMP Reynosa 1015mi 16:25 RDS and ID "Hits 90.1"

Es 7/22 Playing the CQ VHF Contest this morning. UTC (-7 Hours MST)
88.1 KAYT LA Jena 1157mi 17:33 Good ID's In/Out
89.3 WRKF LA Baton Rouge 1258mi 17:39 Good ID also In/out

Es 7/23 Best morning opening in over a month. UTC (-7 Hours MST)
92.7 KGFX SD Pierre 924mi 14:56 ID "River 92.7" In/Out
92.3 KEZO NE Omaha 997mi 15:03 Slogan Z92
91.9 KQSD SD Lowry 983mi 15:28 Excellent reading RDS & PiCode, Public Radio
92.7 K224AA MT Missoula 856mi 15:33 1st AM Translator @175W of KGRZ-1450, Sports Dan Patrick
93.3 KSJZ ND Jamestown 1101mi 15:38 RDS PiCode and ID. "Mix 93.3"
93.1 KGCX MT Sidney 1014mi 15:41 Local commercials, Classic Rock
95.5 KYNU ND Jamestown 1121mi 15:57 RDS PiCode Local Commercials
105.9 KMIT SD Mitchell 980mi 16:03 ID "Call the KMIT Hotline"
105.1 KQWB MN Breckinridge 1161mi 16:06 RDS PiCode Q105 Headbanger Music
106.5 KRJB MN Ada 1199mi 16:20 RDS PiCode ID Note: Hung around a while about 30 min.
106.1 KEXS MO Ravenwood 1040mi 16:40 EWTN. Catholic Network. Talk
107.3 KBBK NE Lincoln 954mi Local Commercials
96.9 KIAQ IA Clarion PiCode ID

Es 7/24 UTC Late afternoon (-7 Hours MST)
92.7 KISY TX Blossom 958mi 00:06 PiCode 270C In/Out
93.1 XHAAA TMPS Reynosa 1014mi 00:20 RDS PiCode

Es 7/29 UTC Morning (-7 Hours MST)
93.1 XHAAA TMPS Reynosa 1014mi 16:27 PiCode Slogan ID LaCaliente
88.1 KNTU TX McKinney 870mi 18:15 ID "The One" playing Jazz

Es 8/04 Morning UTC (-7 Hours MST)
89.9 KYMS ID Rathdrum 961mi 16:45 Local talk, Animal rescue Spokane/Coeur d'Alene

Es 8/13 Morning Between Dr. appointment and Phoenix run. UTC (-7 Hours MST)
100.9 KOWZ MN Blooming Praire 1198mi 16:22 Local commercials, Live Stream verify
100.5 KIKN SD Salem 1004mi 16:30 Local commercials, Mixing with another station.
98.7 KISD MN Pipestone 1082mi 16:37 ID, Oldies Mixing with PHX station
99.7 KKCK MN Marshall 1080mi 16:52 RDS PICode ID

RTL-SDR, HD8200XL Log-Periodic and SDRSharp software
2013 GMC Terrain Car radio
Near Prescott Arizona Grid Square DM34

2018 FMBC Grid Squares Captured
Some SDR# Screenprints this Es Season:
Es Signal next to my most powerful local, K-LOVE

FMBC Es have lots of fading.

92.1 MHz is my normal hangout. My local is low powered over a mountain.

Happy times is an RDS & PiCiode

Es on Steroids. Semi-locals overrun.

Better luck this season with Mexican RDS & PiCodes

By now I am screaming CQ on 144.200

Look for short distance strong stations for indications of Higher MUF.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

FT8 is Addictive

I am still struggling with the benefits of FT8.
I just can't deny the results.
Here is a 24 hour display of my 6 and 10 Meter results yesterday, July 10.
10 and 6 Meter Heard/Heard By/Worked
I call FT8 "Casual DXing".
You sit back and let your eyes and computer do the work.
Still love the old-fashioned ways, but you can't knock it until you try it.
73 Art